Hot Mocha Coffee Recipe (Mochaccino), classic chocolate flavor.

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Hot mocha coffee is a world-class coffee classic that everyone has probably heard of. Or have you ever tasted it once in your life. The name Mocha coffee comes from the city of Mocha, Yemen, which has been famous for selling Arabica coffee beans since the 15th century, with Mocha being an important port in the coffee trade. And because coffee from Yemen has a chocolate base. This causes people to call coffee mixed with chocolate Mocha coffee, after the name of that city. Today, mocha coffee is still talked about and popular among people around the world. Today, we would like to invite you to experience the history of world coffee by making hot mocha coffee easily and drinking it at home.

Hot mocha coffee is milk coffee, so it has an easy-to-drink flavor. When you drink it, you’ll get a rich espresso flavor that rivals the richness of chocolate sauce. Then you will get the sweet taste of rich chocolate syrup. And finished with the fragrant flavor of whipped cream that will blend all the ingredients together perfectly. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Mocha Coffee Recipe.

The mocha menu is fresh coffee mixed with chocolate. It uses 1 shot of espresso mixed with hot cocoa or hot chocolate. and add softness with fresh milk or cream For those who like it sweeter, you can add additional sweetened condensed milk or syrup. This will help you get mocha coffee that has a more mellow sweet taste. 

Tips: For anyone who wants to have mocha coffee that is soft and mellow. You can use chocolate bars instead of cocoa powder. or ready-made chocolate powder Using a ratio of 10-15 grams (as desired) per 1 shot of espresso will give you a taste that is different from ordinary shops. Until I didn’t expect it at all.


  • 1 part coffee (espresso shot)
  • 1 part fresh milk
  • 1 part hot cocoa or hot chocolate
  • Sweetened condensed milk as desired

How to brew

  • Extract coffee to get the desired amount of shots.
  • Add hot cocoa or hot chocolate to the coffee shot.
  • Add sweetened condensed milk and fresh milk. Stir the ingredients together.