Hair drying tips for men

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Hair drying techniques for men should not hold the hair dryer too close. The hair dryer should be held at least 6 inches away from the head because drilling the hair dryer too close may cause damage to the hair and scalp. Heat and protect the hair from heat and should not use hot air for a long time. Most men’s hairstyles do not have much length, so drying your hair with hot air should be used. A short period of time is enough to get the hair dry and in the direction we want and avoid using heat in one area for a long time.

Technique will help set everyone’s hair to look good. 

 Setting men’s hair by drying it. With many men’s hairstyles, setting the hair must start with blow drying first. Especially those with Korean style hairstyles. Or all those with sloppy hairstyles. Most of the time the roots of the hair will be swollen. Or sometimes you need to curl the curls to make them look a little volumous, especially if you have flat, limp hair. You have to blow dry your hair first. Starting with damp, dry hair. Follow by applying mousse all over the hair. Then use a hair dryer and run your fingers through your hair. (Or you can use a rectangular, half-circular brush.) When the mousse meets the heat of the dryer, It will make the hair have volume and look thicker, while at the same time the hair will align naturally. Then spray to lock in the final shape. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Do not use hot air for a long time. Using hot air to dry your hair It will help make the hair go in the direction we want. Most men’s hairstyles are not very long. Therefore, dry your hair with hot air for a short time. It is enough to dry the hair. and have the direction we want You should also avoid using heat on one spot for a long time.

Set the blowing direction. This is because men do not have very long hair like women. Therefore, there is no need to divide your hair into sections to dry it. You should clearly define the direction for blowing your hair. You may use a hair brush as well. To keep the hair aligned and will make your hairstyle more stylish Hair looks thicker. And it’s a simple way to straighten your hair. However, you shouldn’t blow dry your hair in a directionless way. Doing so will cause your hair to become frizzy. and more difficult to style

Adjust the wind strength. Young men should know how to adjust the wind force to suit each part of their hair. For example, the hair on the top should use a moderate level of wind. so that the hair still looks natural As for the hair in the front that you want to stand up or set aside, You should increase the wind power of the drive more. Including using a hair brush as well. To lift the roots of the hair higher and come out in the desired shape

Adjust the temperature level. When you have the hairstyle as you want Change to use the cool air blowing function. By blowing slowly from the base of the hair to the tip. Because the hair scales close when exposed to cold. Using cool air like this will make the young men’s hair stay beautiful, shiny and healthy.